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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Sheva Alomar, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield

Summary: Paintball guns, 6 survivors... need I say more? Mostly from Sherry's POV
Word count: 770
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Only one shot )
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Mun and pup are both over 18 
and unless the Mun can decide on another PB (Highly unlikely) Sherry will be Hannah Spearritt.  (Yes most of her icons are from Primeval)

-- RP verses --

Canon what canon (threads also found here)- This is her default verse which is full of head canon and rumors.  For the most part she's working as a double agent, depends on the mood if she's aiding or hindering Kennedy (She will never intentionally put a Leon or a Claire in danger nor will she be able to outright shoot a Wesker even if she really wants to).  In this verse she's infected with the G, but has it mostly under control with Devil shots.cut to spare lists )

Have another AU )
-- Fanfic Verses --

Infected - ((Verse will only exist in Fanfic rambles)) This verse she's been raised by Albert Wesker and is now under the 'protection' of the US Government.  She's willingly working with them to go after splinter groups she knows about. She's kind of dating Chris Redfield, though Leon and Claire are in the dark about it.  It's unclear fully who's side she's really on, or if she's running on some sleeper cell program.  In this one she has to take shots of Devil to keep the G virus in check. This takes place in and around Degeneration and RE5 in the Capcom timeline, spanning a little past it as well.


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Sherry Birkin (resident Evil AU)

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