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Mun and pup are both over 18 
and unless the Mun can decide on another PB (Highly unlikely) Sherry will be Hannah Spearritt.  (Yes most of her icons are from Primeval)

-- RP verses --

Canon what canon (threads also found here)- This is her default verse which is full of head canon and rumors.  For the most part she's working as a double agent, depends on the mood if she's aiding or hindering Kennedy (She will never intentionally put a Leon or a Claire in danger nor will she be able to outright shoot a Wesker even if she really wants to).  In this verse she's infected with the G, but has it mostly under control with Devil shots.

The G enhances her speed, accelerates her healing, and allows her to 'smell' other strains (They mostly smell like baked goods to her.  Humans smell like rotting flesh.)  on top of hand to hand combat skills she's had training with handguns (prefers a revolver, though has a Samurai edge custom made for her.  Her's happens to have the Umbrella logo where the STARS one should be, final gift from 'uncle Wesker' maybe?), blades (she would rather not have to use one because she's afraid of accidentally infecting someone with her strain) , and people skills. 

Known facts: (Some of these are canon some are head canon, but thought I should do a post to explain where she's been to show why she acts the way she does)

Sherry Birkin was infected in 1998 with the G virus, possibly the T as well, the Devil shot she was given was enough to send the virus into submission. 

After her escape with Leon and Claire from Raccoon City she was for a time with Leon.  He was convinced the best thing would be to give her over to the government for protection.  The real team that went to retrieve her was Wesker and at least two other Umbrella agents.  When Sherry recognized Wesker he pulled her to the side so the other agents could talk to Leon.  she was told not to show that they knew each other, and that if she told Leon who he was he would personally shoot Leon in front of her, then hunt down Claire.  Needless to say the only surviving Birkin went with him  without a fight, dropping all communication with Leon and Claire under pretense she was given a new identity to protect her, after all she was the youngest survivor and the child of the doctors involved.

During this time Sherry was taken to a testing facility where they ran experiments on her, trying to figure out how to undo the affects of the Devil shot to try to have a perfect working G model.  These attempts were futile and in the end they dropped the plan, instead working on perfecting her as a weapon.  Sherry fought back the best she could against their brain washing, managing to keep the memories of feeling safe with Claire and Leon, she grew angered at Wesker for allowing them to hurt her, but part of the programing they put into her she couldn't outright kill Wesker (it's unclear if Wesker was ordered to hand her over or if he's having the tests run on her to see if the G would be compatible with his strains), or any of the scientists they put in charge of her, in fact the programing enforced a protective nature in her. 

This is also where Sherry fell into a depressive state and attempted suicide (Blowing up the cabin they were letting her stay in) , needless to say the attempt failed and they wonder if William Birkin may have survived the destruction of Raccoon City. 

The closest she's come to breaking through the programing has been pinning a scientist to a wall with a pen while the facility they were in was over run by the viruses that were being worked on.  She locked the door behind her, if the man died it was either because something managed to get into the room, or of starvation, since that incident they've kept her on a shorter leash.

For fear that Leon or Claire would help Sherry break her programing completely they keep closer eye on those two, telling Sherry that if she attempts to contact them they'll turn them both into lab rats.  Sherry remembers the pain she endured and obeys to spare them that.

Currently she's working with a scientist who is continuing 'practical' uses for the T virus, she's to report to their handlers on the project's progress, as well as find him specimens for his research.  Since she was just transferred she's still trying to figure out the city (Santa Fe) and trying to figure out exactly how to foil this scientist's plans, since it's in the States, and she fears it'll turn into another Raccoon City incident. 

Her cover is that she's working for the PR department for Tiamat Pharmaceuticals, a fast growing company dealing mostly with cancer research.  She's almost ruined that with Francis, who now knows her status as infected.  She just hasn't told him that the company she works for is one of Umbrella's splinter groups. 

NOTE: Until the mun has played RE6 that canon will not be mixed into this Sherry Birkin.

Sherry originally was infected with the G virus, which was highly unstable to begin with. She managed to be able to control the virus.

Sherry will recover from almost all injuries, even death as long as her head is not removed from her body. She does use this to her advantage if needed, either to gross people out by throwing her own limbs at them, or to come back from the dead after her enemies leave in order to escape.

She lacks a 'monster' form, only because she keeps constant control over it with a cocktail of drugs.

She even has better control over her viruses than Wesker, the only time that they show is right after death or times where she's under extreme stress, her blue eyes will go violet or even red.

She's known to be able to lift over a ton, though the attempt is only a few seconds and it takes her a few minutes to recover.

Lost limbs will try to return to her, and most of the time will reatach themselves to her body.

Down side to her infections: Humans smell like food, she has to fight the urge to feed, though if the urge gets too bad she will go on special hunts, taking herself out of civilization so that she can take out some wild animal. Sherry refuses to put humans in danger unless there's no possible way to avoid it.

-- Fanfic Verses --

Infected - ((Verse will only exist in Fanfic rambles)) This verse she's been raised by Albert Wesker and is now under the 'protection' of the US Government.  She's willingly working with them to go after splinter groups she knows about. She's kind of dating Chris Redfield, though Leon and Claire are in the dark about it.  It's unclear fully who's side she's really on, or if she's running on some sleeper cell program.  In this one she has to take shots of Devil to keep the G virus in check. This takes place in and around Degeneration and RE5 in the Capcom timeline, spanning a little past it as well.


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