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Sherry stormed into the lab growling low.  Coming in contact with the target… Well she would have never agreed to any of it if she had been informed that he was another survivor.  Not Raccoon City, but he still knew about the company.

“It’s done; you’re not to go near him.”  She knew it would cause problems, but wasn’t like she couldn’t convince him to run, might save him.

“And you have no say in the matter Miss Birkin.  Get in the way and we’ll let him know all about what you do.”  The older man turned looking at her… Giving that look that screamed he would get what he wanted from her.  The G-carrier stepped closer to him.

“You forget Doc, I don’t need a weapon to snap your neck and end this now.  If I wasn’t so interested in trying to get a damn cure for this I would have killed you months ago.”  She proved her point snatching a pen from his pocket and slamming it down on the desk, through the sleeve of his lab coat before turning and walking away from him.  “And you’ve been lax with your results.  If Wesker was still around he would have had you killed for that alone.  Be glad I have a little more patience than he did.”  After all, Wesker and Jill had both died in Europe, at least that’s as far as Sherry could track him after the incident with Spencer. 

“You’re not in charge you know.”

Silvered eyes turned on him and she smiled.  “Be glad I’m not.  Then I would have gotten rid of you weeks ago.  Now I’m warning you to stay away from him.  He doesn’t know anything about the operation here anyway.”  With that she stormed from the room leaving him tugging at the sleeve to get free.


Four meetings later Sherry was actually sliding off her bike in front of her apartment complex.  She just wanted to curl up and forget the day for a while, which was probably why she had totally forgotten about inviting Francis over.  Walking up to the apartment she slipped off her jacket tossing it to the couch as she reached for the remote to turn the radio on, the noise would help for a bit right?

Shit... I just put him in more danger.  Fuck fuck fuck....  Sherry let out a yell as she hit the wall, luckily it wasn't hard enough to damage the said wall.  Get him out of town tonight, he might be safe if he keeps running right?  Maybe I can leak word to Leon, wouldn't be the first time I've done it.  Get him to Leon or other survivors he might stand a chance.    She made up her mind.  On the topic of the Sheena Island survivor she'd go against the company.  Made him part of a special group of people that she would do anything to protect.  Three in all.
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