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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Chris Redfield, oc (madison)

Summary: Seems she can't even escape the nightmares with college. And here she thought the worst would be the biology final.

Chris cursed as he heard Madison yelp and the moans of the creatures behind him. He turned ready to snap at her for opening a door when he saw that the door had broken. He did a quick glance, the kid seemed to have it under control, though she was speaking to herself.

“They’re already dead, they’re already dead…” Two more rounds went dead center of the foreheads as he snapped around helping her thin the crowd some.

“You okay?”

“Not really, but I’ll live.” She quipped back, the two had already been fighting their way down the back corridors for a good twenty minutes. “We get to the ground floor might be easier to shoot across the lobby and over the crosswalk. I really don’t want to take chances in the tunnels. Better with the shotgun and the rifle than small arms sir.”

He shook his head about to remind her not to call him Sir again but she had a point. “Lead then,” He motioned her to get ahead of him and she did, switching clips as she moved.

She may not have the military training, nor the police training he had, but the girl moved her way through the halls staying quiet, navigating them around halls that sounded louder than others. Stepping out on to the pavement she pulled her jacket a little tighter with one hand, the other slipping her gun away shifting the rifle so it was easier to grab. There were three rows of cars between them and the walk way.

Getting to the first dorm building she tried the door. “Shit locked.”

Chris put his back to the wall keeping an eye out. “Lockpicks?”

“Not something I’m good at. Science wing’s just down the hill though. Should be able to make it if we run,” She glanced at him and he nodded.

“The snow should slow them down. Might be more dangerous inside.”

There was a man’s yell from one of the further buildings. Both looked at each other when a gunshot went off. “Damn it you were supposed to make sure she was se…” The words were cut off in a way that Chris knew whomever was shouting had been shut up.

“Madison, stay here, and low. Keep your eyes open.” She bit her lip a moment but nodded at the order shifting so she was against the door, the rifle moving to one side, the handgun in both hands. Chris hoped she’d be okay a few minutes at least. “If I’m not back in ten, find somewhere to hide until our back up arrives.” There was another nod and he moved away from the building, his gun in both hands as he scanned the area.

A blond girl just sent a soldier back with a double fisted punch. She paused a moment, before her eyes glanced up towards Chris, the girl’s eyes were light; something about them reminded him of Wesker. The gun moved up as he stepped forward, seeing that her wrists were cuffed together.

She tensed a moment hearing the snow under his feet, before she shook her head. “Behind you!” The girl’s shout came just as he hear the gun going off behind him. Madison was coming towards them, firing the rifle as she went.

Chris didn’t like turning his back on the woman, but heard the shots stop, Madi needed to reload. They had been right about the cold slowing them down though. He took the shots counting off in the back of his mind, two more rounds in this clip.

“Hey you okay?” he glanced at Madison, who gave a small nod.

“Little cold, but I’ll live. Fingers are numb though.” She glanced back to see the other blond checking the bodies for something.

She knew one of them had to have the key, and she couldn’t smell any more infected around the immediate area. Sherry searched the pockets tensing when she heard the footsteps in the snow. The virus was still raging through her and she knew she’d be dangerous if she let them get closer. “Stay back. I don’t want to risk hurting you.” She kept her voice down and actually scooted back, making the woman who started for her pause.

Sherry glanced up seeing her kneel to check on one of the men she had attacked. “Dead.”

“All four of them are. There are more of them out here though. At least six,” Her eyes fell on the man a moment, trying to remember where she had seen him before.

“Then come on, we’re not going to wait around for them to find out their buddies were taken out. Madison, we need somewhere we can defend.”

“We make it to the card office I can probably get us a staff key card.” She stayed kneeling in the snow a moment. “I’d like to make sure you’re okay once we’re inside. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

“I’m infected. Not the T, hm… the strain making the zombies. I can smell it; it’s the same strain as what was used back in Raccoon.” She wouldn’t explain how, though she did look at Chris, who was aiming his gun at her, his finger away from the trigger though.

If she had been a threat she wouldn’t have warned him right? He moved the gun. “So don’t bleed on us and don’t bite us kid. Come on, let’s get to a secure location and figure out what to do from there.” He held his hand out to her.

Sherry bit her lip a moment but nodded letting him help her up. “And I have a key,” He showed it to her. “Hold out your hands I’ll deal with the cuffs.”
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