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Sherry Birkin watched the clerk try to look like he knew what he was talking about when trying to talk her into getting a cheaper chip than she needed to upgrade her laptop. 

“Look, I know this is the piece I need, and I need three Terabyte external drives.”  Hopefully those would be enough to hold the data she was going to try to get on them. 

“One is usually enough for most users.”

It’s the hair… Wesker’s right I should look more professional.  Oh well.  She steadied her eyes on him.  “One won’t hold half of what I have stored on the hard drive of my laptop.  I need the extra so that I can reformat the drive.  It’s been acting up and I need to start from scratch.  While you’re at it add in those speakers.”  She pointed to some behind the counter.

She leaned against the display case behind her.  The town was good for some things, but what she wouldn’t do to be in Tokyo, at least they don’t question female geeks. 

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A low whistle sounded from down a nearby aisle as Rebecca Crane took the time to practice her eavesdropping skills. New fan and sound card in tow, she sidled over to the unfortunate woman.

"She probably needs three because she's got more stuff on her computer than you have data in your head. Pretend like you upsold her and hand 'em over. And grab two for me, too." It was about time to back up all the data she'd be turning over soon, everything she'd been asked to deliver to the Umbrella exec. It wasn't her idea of fun, but hey, the war was on, and she had to do everything she could.

Maybe a nice red case...

She shot a sideways smile at the blonde.

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Well. Hearing the clerk be completely emasculated was more fun than it should have been, and Rebecca barely suppressed a chuckle. How thoughtful of this stranger to give her a laugh on an otherwise stressful day.


Grabbing the drives, Rebecca turned on heel to go back to shopping, but not before shooting a parting comment at the other woman.

"You must have a good machine if you're getting that." And she gestured to the chip in her hands.
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Seeing the flash of black, Rebecca raised an eyebrow and halted in her tracks. She knew that card--she stole one's number when Abstergo needed some assets frozen--and she knew how much that woman must have forked over to get it.

"I could show you a fifth one." Forget shopping for anything else, she was checking out right now.

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"I'll just show you my personal computer," she answered with a grin. No way was anyone seeing Baby, but Rebecca's laptop was a little monster for its compact size. "It's just a laptop. Nothing fancy."

Being a bad liar, she gives an innocent little wave to negate her comment.

"Started out as just a little project, but three overclock attempts and five processors later, I just gutted it and built it all myself."

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Rebecca also rattled off some impressive stats, only slightly more impressive than Sherry's, because she adds: "And I'm running it on a partition with Linux."

A beat, as she smiled, moving over to purchase all her goodies. She did love soup-up time.

"Yours sounds nice!"


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