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Sherry tugged at the necklace she wore as she passed through the reception hall. Her hair was pulled back, still dread locked, mostly because it looked wrong with the Alexander McQueen suit she wore. If Wesker bitched he bitched.

They were formally meeting the new Umbrella, the scientists were all around, making her nervous, her hand reached to the holster at the small of her back, the pearl handled revolver she favored was in its place, the twenty six year old knew she wouldn’t be able to draw it and actually use it on anyone, but made her feel better knowing she was armed.

Her black stiletto heels clicked on the tile as she moved her hands to her side stepping into the ball room. Forcing a small ‘polite’ look she hoped she’d be able to pass herself off in the role they wanted of her, while managing to send information back to the government about what was going on with the locket she wore. She knew the risks, if something went wrong the bug was probably going to be the first thing found. God please don’t let something go wrong. They’ll kill me. Or at least lock her in the labs again. That was the last thing the G-carrier wanted.

The room was filled with the scent of rotted flesh, most the people around she knew weren’t infected. There was another scent on the air… something floral, and it wasn’t the fresh cut flowers or perfume… She paused, eyes scanning the room, it was something she wasn’t familiar with and it confused her.

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Birkin was on the other side of the room, scanning the crowd, looking paranoid as ever. He was in a suit for once, trying to stand out as little as possible.

God knows, someone somewhere in this company probably still wanted him dead, and while that was significantly harder nowadays, he still didn't want to risk another town getting blown up on his account.

Which is why he mostly stood off by himself, making sure he didn't see anyone he recognized - or worse, someone who recognized him.

Though there was someone who looked a bit familiar, looked a little like his wife actually. Confused look on his face, Birkin started making his way through the crowd as discreetly as he possibly could towards the girl, his right arm starting to tingle a bit. He really wasn't sure if that was a good sign, or a very, very bad one.

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The second she actually looked directly at him, Birkin's heart skipped a beat. Those were his eyes alright.

As she - Sherry, almost undoubtedly, his mind was currently insisting - stepped away from the man she was with, he practically wanted to sprint at her. He kept himself in line, of course, but just took larger steps and caught up to her quickly, awkward smile on his face. "Hi, uh..." By now, his arm felt almost completely numb. He would have chalked it up to a heart attack if it had been on his left side probably. But he knew what it was, so he just started shaking his arm, hoping it would calm him back down before anything happened.

"S-some party, huh?" Oh you idiot, she's going to think you're trying to hit on her. Hell, it might not have even been the right girl, but... Well it was worth a shot. "I mean... Do you still wear that locket your mom and I gave you?" If she reacted with anything other than confusion then he was right; that's what he told himself.

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Birkin was about ready to stutter through an apology when he first spoke, but then she brought up that smell. Unless he was standing near some woman with too much perfume on he really shouldn't smell like roses. He frowned, trying to figure that one out, but the way she was clutching the wall and her abdomen was worrying him more.

"Sher, are you... Are you okay?" He was starting to sweat a little, the way he always did when he got himself too nervous, which usually didn't end well for everyone in a couple mile radius of him, but he wasn't about to leave his daughter alone and hurting again, so he just tried to breathe deeply and keep himself calm while absentmindedly rubbing his arm to make sure he could still feel it.

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Birkin winced at her words, it wasn't exactly like he was trying to destroy an entire town, after all. "R-right. Maybe I should... Come with you?" Worse case scenario, he didn't live too far from here, and he had more than enough samples of the vaccine to help them both out. He really did hope it wouldn't end up coming to that, though.

"I know my presence probably isn't helping much, but... Well, I do know how this virus works better than anyone else, so I can definitely fix this before it gets too bad."

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Birkin's lip twitched into a smile and he wrapped an arm around her shoulder, trying to make the pair of them look as nonchalant as possible as he led the pair of them towards the door.

"My second child might be the more obnoxious and spoiled one, but my oldest is always going to be the favorite." It sounded stupid, but it was true. He loved Sherry, and he did always regret letting his work swallow him whole when she was younger.

Though, of course, the curiosity about what effects his virus gave the infected was fascinating as far as he was concerned, especially ones that differed from his own reactions, and this smell thing was fascinating. "What does everyone else smell like?"

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He winced at her words. Ouch that stung.

"I'm sorry..." Birkin wasn't too sure himself whether he was apologizing for leaving her, infecting her at all, or what he was about to do. Maybe all three.

As swiftly as he could, he picked her up as they neared the doors, barely holding her off the ground so it didn't look like he was kidnapping someone or anything. But he could feel his vision starting to split and that put his vaccine-finding expedition on a much shorter time limit as far as he was concerned.

"Which way's your bike?" he asked once they got far enough outside to at least only vaguely worry about collateral damage.

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Birkin was starting to feel it more too, his vision blurring horribly. "See with your head, Will... Just keep seeing with your head..." he mumbled to himself, before shaking his head firmly and walking briskly towards the bike.

"I'm not surprised it's stronger out here; no rotting corpse stench to weaken it..." And the faster she was changing meant the faster he was changing, which made them both panic and cause the mutation to spread faster. His virus was amazing at what it did, but damn if it wasn't horrifically inconvenient most of the time. Even as he was lamenting that, he noticed his nails slowly starting to grow longer...

Suddenly he stopped walking and put Sherry back down on the ground. "I'm not leaving you, okay? I'll just go get the vaccine myself; get some distance between us. I'll use it on myself first and then bring it to you, and try to fix all this before anything too disastrous happens. Alright?"

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He stared from the gun to his daughter's face and back again, before shaking his head. He understood what she was saying, but realistically, he probably wouldn't be able to actually shoot her, healing factor or no. "Keep your gun; I have my own." Which he pulled out of the waistband of his pants after saying so. "Same goes to you: If I start rampaging, pop a couple bullets in me."

With those words of wisdom, Birkin practically sprinted towards her bike, ignoring the feeling of another eye starting to form, of massive bones taking the place of fingers on his right hand. The adrenaline wasn't helping, but



No, damn it, focus!


Birkin stared at it, close enough now, almost confused by the contraption. What was inside? How did it open?

Wait, no, he knew this. Syringe, DEVIL, take off the top. Take off the top.



Before he even really knew what the hell he was doing, claws were thrust into the case, its top ripped clean off. He stared into the box, wondering what the contents were for.

Syringe. DEVIL.

...Shit, Sherry.

He picked up the vial, holding it between his fingers as he filled up the syringe one handed - a skill he's been forced to pick up thanks to the infection - and injects himself, waiting patiently for the infection to still and the mutations to revert. It usually only takes a minute or so for him, so he just waits it out.

"Hey Sher, you still conscious?"

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Oh god he was going to die. Probably in much the same manner as his wife, impaled on a gigantic claw. Birkin tightened the grip on his pistol. No, damn it, he'd be fine. Even with the vaccine, an injury should trigger the G-Virus into action. So he'd be fine. He hoped.

Originally his plan was to approach slowly, avoid scaring her any more than he already probably has, but now he was just flat-out sprinting at her, gun in one hand, syringe in the other.

"Just hang on about... Thirty seconds so I can prep this and we'll be juuust fine!" His voice cracked somewhere in the middle of that sentence, as he started fumbling with the needle.

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Well, he knew he wasn't going to shoot her. He just couldn't. He didn't have the heart.

So he hurried, forcing himself to stay calm. Birkin really didn't want to go anywhere near those claws but it wasn't like he had a whole lot of choice. With two large strides he knelt down beside that arm, jabbing the needle into her shoulder. His whole body was tense and ready to spring up and run just in case her arm didn't return to normal by the time she tried to stab him with anything.

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Birkin chuckled, softly smiling down at her. "I think we've earned a few days off, at least."

He picked himself up off the ground and offered a hand to her if she needed the help. His eyes were still red, but they would start fading back to blue soon enough; it just always took a while for him, for whatever reason. He hoped it wasn't going to scare her though.

Birkin held up the vial with the other hand, showing its contents to his daughter. "Probably not enough to curb a... Situation like the one we just dealt with, but... Something a little less problematic we probably have enough for..."


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