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She hadn't wanted him to find out like this, though right now she had no say in the matter.  Not with the doctor who was currently barking orders to his men keeping her and Francis both at gun point.  If she moved she knew they'd shoot him.  Luckily the doctor only thought it was because she treated all people as something to protect. 

You should have just run when I told you to... She thought as the gunmen separated them.  Closing her eyes she went with them not fighting as the strapped her arms down.  "Let him leave, you have me just let him leave."

Didn't help that they had been taken into small tunnels before being dumped in the lab, in the back of her mind she was 13 again, and a monster would be coming after her.  To add to it the lab looked like the one she had been taken to after she had been taken from Leon.  She hadn't been able to escape it.

Francis just run, get free and leave me here.

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The men who were holding him at gunpoint seemed a little confused at why he still smiled like nothing was wrong at all. He was a bit off but he seemed so very calm.

"Sherry I'll be there soon." He spoke calmly as they drug him from the room the doctor telling them that they can kill the loose end, no sooner then the words were spoke that Francis looked up to the barrel of the gun pointed at him. "Bang." He spoke holding both hands out as what looked like lightening shot from his hands frying the two men holding him, two small pads on his watches... yes he had a watch on each wrist which had been odd enough until the tech was reveled. Reaching down he snatched up both guns walking back into the room, the calm washed away cause that trick only works once.

"Let her go." He tried to look and sound as badass as people in movies but he was shit for a shot.

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He was shit for an aim but in such close quarters he managed to pop off three shots at the guard that had sent the warning shot at him. It did not take but one more shot nearly getting him in the face before he threw his arms out to the side and started popping shots off around him to the nearest people. If nothing else he took a few out. Taking a guess, becuase the emblems and the doctors it had to be.

"Computer, Adminstrater mode. Voice command."

He had to try it and shit if he didn't look shocked when the computer seemed to respond. "Name, Rank and password."

"James Farinella, head bio research Hypno-T.... E-l-l-a-F-r-a-n-c-i-n-e."

He spoke as they managed to graze his shoulder he ducked under the table and fire back.

"Access granted, Command imput Dr. Farinella."

"Kill the power to the whole place!" Francis screamed

"Access granted." more security was arriving as the power shut itself off even the computer they had about 3 minutes before the backup lights could kick on so in a rush he felt his way over towards her table... God he hoped this worked.

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He ran fast across the room shooting one lucky fucking shot and it bounced off a pipe that started to fill the room with smoke before busting through the bettter shot's forehead, Francis started to try and get the binds undone.

"Sherry! Sherry open you eyes!" He called to her as he heard the machine.

"Code over write, Fire evac all floors." He called up as the computer still in adminstaior mode started to sound the sirens. Thank god he used to hack his dad before the island went to shit and ...well Daddy never changed his passwords.

"Sherry come on!" he ccalled again. "Wake up!"


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