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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Chris Redfield, OC's
Disclaimer: I only own Madi the rest are Capcom's just borrowing them for some AU fun I promise to return them when I'm done.
Summary: Seems she can't even escape the nightmares with college. And here she thought the worst would be the biology final. (in other words Sherry's aged up for this, figure it takes place between RE4 and RE5. AU is that she was raised by Wesker and Umbrella.)
Word count: 1392

Once Lost now found
Written by Kita Kamakazi

Location: Small town northern PA
Late November, 2006

She quickly twisted her dreadlocked hair into a knot hitting the button on her laptop turning off the rock as she passed it, going to grab a dark blue sweater, pulling it on. Stuffing the laptop into her backpack as well as the two textbooks she’d actually need for her morning classes she snatched the light beige field jacket. A little shuffling and the jacket went on, then the straps of the pack over one shoulder.

It was just after six am, and her class was a good twenty-minute walk from her dorm. More than enough time to grab breakfast; though for Sherry Birkin, the youngest survivor of the Raccoon City incident, that would just be a ‘heart-attack’ in a cup. A quad shot white chocolate mocha with a shot of mint and strawberry. With the snow that had started falling sometime in the night she decided she may as well take the time and would at least add a Danish to the order.

And Carlos worries I don’t eat enough, really he shouldn’t worry that much. She thought with a grin as she slipped out of her dorm, her key card and student ID slipping to her jeans pocket out of habit. The walk was already salted, making small puddles of slush where it hadn’t melted completely, though there were two inches of snow on the lawn. She pulled the collar of her sweater up a little more at the cold breeze. Out of habit she listened around her, there wouldn’t be that many people out and about yet, but there should be some other morning people.

There were a few other’s milling around, across the quad she could hear others engaged in a snowball fight. The shouting she knew would be broken up by campus security soon enough, they didn’t seem to like it when the students threw things around even in harmless fun.

Sherry crossed the empty part of the quad, the campus it’s self had been built in the sixties, under her feet were about a hundred miles of tunnels that had been dug out connecting bomb shelters all over the city. The dorms were new, the only part of the school that wasn’t connected to the underground. Most of the shelters now were used primarily for storage space, both for the college, and the city it’s self, there were a few people who rented rooms there, but Sherry tried to avoid going down there, it always reminded her of bad memories from the 72 hours leading up to the incident which had killed so many people. It had also been the start of the hell she survived, College, was her trade off for allowing Wesker to run tests on her, trying to figure out how the G-virus had bonded with her instead of taking her over like it had her father.

Sherry Birkin, the daughter of William Birkin, knew that her ‘freedom’ was just an illusion, the eight years as a test subject made the small taste even if an illusion a welcome treat. She stopped, glancing up at the sky, opening her mouth catching one of the precious flakes on her tongue.

“You know almost forgot you really are still a kid.” The voice that came up behind her startled her, causing the blond to tense turning on her toes in a sharp pivot. Blue eyes met brown and she paused.

“You’re always saying I need to act more like I’m enjoying this Olivera.” She relaxed giggling when he grumbled under his breath about the snow. “Though thought you and the other babysitters; were going to make good on the unseen and unheard bit.” She started back down the walk. “Come on, I have time before class, at least let me grab some coffee.”

“New orders actually, Wesker wants you brought back in something about it not being safe.” He touched her arm. “It’s up to you Princess, I’m willing to get you to Washington instead of HQ.”

That caused her to pause. Thanksgiving was coming up, and she had mentioned only to Carlos that she wouldn’t mind sneaking off the grid if only long enough to just see Leon to know that Wesker was keeping up with his end of the deal.

“If Wesker finds out he’s going to kill him, I can’t risk it,” She whispered. The snowball fight on the far end of the quad had gone silent.

“Hey man, you okay?” The voice carried on the wind, as well as a familiar scent. She bit her lip glancing at Carlos.


“Honey wheat,” She held out her hand. “Your spare side arm.”

Carlos nodded as he handed over the gun. He knew that she was a decent shot; Wesker had made sure to train her. “You sure it’s not just the bakery?” He drew his other gun, keeping it close and low.

“As sure as I know you switched aftershave again And saw the waitress from the diner again, maple syrup and phoenix axe.” She grinned a little as he sputtered, though it fell when they heard a scream from up on the quad. “Damn it I love this jacket.”

“I’ll buy you a new one for Christmas, come on looks like I’m too late to get you out of here Princess.”

“I’ll deal.” She held the gun in one hand, slipping her other arm through the backpack strap so it was over both shoulders. Last thing she wanted to do was lose her laptop, it happened to have all of the information on her condition and anything she could remember about the installations she had been held at, in order to try to build a case that would stick, not only against Albert Wesker, but everyone she knew tied to the company.

A shot rang out making her and Carlos both drop, Sherry closing her eyes a brief moment when she felt Carlos land on her. The sharp scent of copper filled the air.

“I’m good, just my arm.” He was scanning around staying down. Two more shots rang out, this time hitting something in the direction the first shots had been.

“Olivera you have Birkin?” The voice was masculine, took Sherry a moment to remember the voice. Davidson, he had been put on detail to guard her during her classes. His dorm was right across from hers, and like her a single, Carlos usually stayed in there so he’d be on campus. She grabbed Carlos’s radio.

“Yes, I’m with him he’s wounded, taking a guess you’re on the roof?”

“Of course.”

“What’s the situation on the quad and is it clear to the science building. Figure you guys don’t want the cops knowing about our hardware. I know where the medical storage is I can take care of Carlos if you get our gear.”

“Careful Sher, I saw four more dark figures moving ahead of about eight infected. They’re wearing old UBSC uniforms. Almost move like a hunter unit.”

She took in the information as she helped Carlos up, it was a deep wound to his arm. Frowning she looked at him. “Think you can hold pressure until the science wing? I can snag a first aid kit on the way to the tunnels.”

“Yeah, come on we won’t have much time.” The two of them could hear panicked yells and screams. “We can’t help them now, we need to get you out of here if they’re after the G.”

“I know that Carlos. We get to the tunnels call Kennedy, I don’t have nearly enough evidence, but it’ll be enough to deal with taking down at least the lower doctors. He’d be more than willing to get a team together to evac me.”

“I’ll catch up with the two of you, the van’ll be in the parking lot of Giant,” The sound of a few more rounds going off from the roof made the pair run for the nearest building two hundred yards away. Sherry kept up with Carlos, her smaller frame not really protection for the larger man, but her blue eyes were slightly sharper. Sherry shoved Carlos forward turning to take two shots with the handgun he had given her, one of the three men fell, a bullet in his chest and his forehead.


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