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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Chris Redfield, OC's
Disclaimer: I only own Madi the rest are Capcom's just borrowing them for some AU fun I promise to return them when I'm done.
Summary: Seems she can't even escape the nightmares with college. And here she thought the worst would be the biology final. (in other words Sherry's aged up for this, figure it takes place between RE4 and RE5. AU is that she was raised by Wesker and Umbrella.)
Word count: 1577

Two hours ago

The low growl was almost feral in nature as he slammed his hands down on the large old oak desk. Alex Reyes watched his coffee mug jump as he scooted back, not wanting to be within arm reach of the angered B.S.S.A. agent. He had wanted to be on vacation when Redfield had found out that the search for his partner, Jill Valentine was called off, and that he was being assigned a temporary partner until they deemed him okay enough to work on his own.

“She’s not dead, I’d know if valentine was dead. Send me back to look for her.” Chris’s cold eyes could break most people; Reyes wasn’t most people, though he was shaken up by the older man.

Alex sighed; he knew the two were close, and despite it usually being a bad thing when work and normal life mixed, the two Raccoon S.T.A.R.S. seemed to pull it off well being roommates. Alex had been to the one story cottage the two shared just out of town. The three bedroom looked lived in, until you looked in the spare bedroom, which was in the middle of the house, then it looked like operations control with the maps and equipment.

“Redfield if it was up to me we’d still be searching, orders came from the President. He said he wasn’t going to fund the operation anymore if we kept looking. They want me to assign you a new partner for now and keep you close. We have a few agents still out there, but right now you need to lay low. At least a few months,” he spoke calmly still watching Chris. The large man was dangerous, no one would ever think that wasn’t the case.

“Then I quit.”

“Chris right now that wouldn’t be a good idea, you know that they already are looking for a reason to go after Claire as a terrorist right? I’ve been managing to keep Terra save off the list, as soon as they find out I don’t control you they’ll go over my head. We both have a lot of enemies in Homeland Security.”

Chris punched the desk again. He knew he made enemies, he just had hoped that they wouldn’t use Claire to keep him in line. “Then who the hell am I working with.”

“That would be me.” The tiny little blond with crimson and blue streaks mixed into a few of the tiny little braids that held her hair back spoke up just peeking over the clipboard, actually making Chris tense turning, his hand balling into a fist. He paused getting a good look at her; the kid barely looked nineteen. “My boss pulled strings to get me here instead of giving you someone who agrees this is a waste of time like most people on the Hill.” She tucked one of the braids from her face. The clipboard went to the desk he had been pounding on as she stood.

Chris looked her over, she didn’t look like the government type, at least none he had ever seen, she was in combat boots, torn jeans and a purple mesh top with a black band shirt over it. She really didn’t look like she was cut out for field work of any kind. “This is a joke right?” He noted the gloves she wore, which made him wonder about his comment, they were worn out, leather padding well worn through use, he figured gripping things, maybe a gun, though she didn’t wear a holster.

“No sir it isn’t. I will assure you I’m a better fit for this unit than where my boss was debating sending me. Pretty sure we don’t have as much of a bio-terror threat from free runners. Unless you think all the messengers in Portland are out to destroy the world. Wouldn’t put it past some of them, but the group I was assigned to, was more interested in hacking into little old ladies’ bank accounts.” She gave a small grin. “Okay that and rich brats on designer drugs. If I have to go to one more techno club because of a bad batch of X I’m going to scream.”

“This isn’t a game kid.”

“I know it’s not. I know I don’t look the part, but I assure you I can handle the job Sir. I wouldn’t have been chosen if he didn’t think I was ready, and if Kennedy wasn’t out of the country on a mission.” She was about to say more when a knock on the door made all three of them look at it.

“Reyes sorry to bother you, but thought that you would want to hear it before it made it through the rest of the network. A call just came through from the PA branch, they got an anon tip that someone was going to go after that girl that survived the G. Happened five minutes ago, I haven’t been able to get a hold of Ghost there since.

“How many men?” Both Chris and Reyes asked at the same time.

“Sixteen, we’re missing our undercover agents within the guard she had on her.”


“We think so. Means inside job they may have found out about our spies.”

Chris knew who the girl they spoke of were, after all it was the one secret he had to keep from Claire. Last thing she needed to know was the little girl they had rescued in Raccoon was now in Umbrella’s hands, and worse, according to the reports he and Leon got whenever she was spotted; being groomed to take Wesker’s place. Only thing saving her from that was that she had seemed to beg them to allow her to go to school.

Chris had actually gone up there a few times to make sure she was happy, while she was reserved, the young woman hadn’t acted like she was being controlled. Hell, Jill had hacked in to see what classes she was taking. Lit and art, things he couldn’t see Wesker wanting her to take. Even the social studies classes she had chosen seemed more of a rebellion against Wesker, being law enforcement.

“Wait who… Thought the file said the G had a zero percent survival rate…” The woman blinked.

“Red you want this one? I know you have some interest.”

Chris nodded. How long will it take to get there?”

“I can have you in the air in an hour; it’s close to an hour chopper flight.”

“Kid you can use a gun right?”

This got a small nod and grin from her. “Right, I’ll go get my gear. Reyes?”

He waved her off and she darted out of the room.

“How much does the kid know?”

“More than both of us put together. Birkin wasn’t the only scientist to have a kid as you well know. She’s smart, and a better field medic than Chambers. She was out hunting with her brothers and father when the incident happened. “

Chris looked at Reyes, he had thought the kid was in her teens.

“Thirty, she’s not exactly a kid, I know my wife would love to know her secret.” Reyes grinned. “Don’t worry she’ll have your back. Red, she’s tougher than she looks, and really on a mission her attitude does a full three-sixty, she may be joking around now, but when it calls for it she’s just as serious as you and Valentine.”

Hour later Chris saw the blond again, she had two bags with her, one was clearly a gun case, the small airport had asked her to see the gun and she had shown them the rifle, as well as the badge. Chris had his own gun. The pilot was walking up to them as she finished repacking the rifle.

“You okay?”

She nodded shouldering the bags. Unlike him she wasn’t wearing a bullet proof vest, the weight of the other bag told him that was where the rest of her gear was. “Yeah, hate wearing all the gear in flight. Don’t worry I’ll have it by the time we land. It’ll give me something to focus on, I really hate helicopters.” She frowned a moment.

Chris had to bark a laugh at that as he grabbed his bag, taking the heavier bag of hers for her. “Don’t worry I’m not flying.”

“Oh that just helps calm me so much Mr. Redfield.”

“Just Chris.”

“Madi,” She grinned as she followed him and the pilot.

“Flight’ll be an hour ten, we have a little head wind, but I can get you guys into the drop zone no problem. Just the two of you?”

“Yeah, drop us off and go.” Chris slid the bags into the back climbing into the front with him. Madison climbed in kneeling in the back reaching for her radio as she knelt to get the combat gear on. Her vest easily slid on over the mesh and tee combo she had on. Other gear got stored away in various pouches, the extra rounds for the rifle going into a hip pouch, while a berretta was tucked away in a holster at the small of her back. By the time Chris joined her in the back, twenty minutes out, she was ready.
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