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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Albert Wesker, Steve Burnside, Jill Valentine, OC's Mikhail, Marina, Ryu, Kirrin
Disclaimer: I only own the OC's the rest of the characters are Capcom's I'm just borrowing them for a little fun.
Summary: Sherry's been playing a dangerous game and has finally gotten herself caught.  Now she just hopes someone on the outside can get her and Jill out before it's too late.
Pairing: Eventually Chris and Sherry, Leon and Claire
Word count: 2134


The blond punched up, snapping the neck of the one guard that tried stopping her from trying to leave the underground compound. She caught the body, carefully laying him on the ground.

“Sorry about this, but I really need to get out.” She whispered softly to him as she snatched his key card pocketing it. If she was lucky it would come in handy soon. Sherry Birkin pulled herself up against the wall in the shadows closing her eyes. She knew she’d have five minutes before the guard change, meant she’d be able to at least make it look like she wasn’t running from something once she got to the train station that would lead her up to the street near Piccadilly Circus. Her hand went to the three flash drives secreted in her pockets.

It’s now or never. Jill needs help getting out of here and I know I can’t get her out of here without help. She thought as she darted down the tunnel sticking to the shadows avoiding the cameras she knew of. I’ll have about twenty minutes to get this run done. Should be long enough.

Sherry slowed as she came out of the underground tunnel, pulling her jacket closer to her as she stepped into the morning spring rain. The café she was to meet her first contact. On the way would be the drop box she’d slip the first of the packages to. First, is mailed to the DC branch of B.S.A.A. Second gets hand dropped to my contact in Scotland Yard. She thought as she got to the drop box. The envelope with the flash drive was easily slipped into the box as she glanced in a nearby window to see if she was being followed. So far so good, she wasn’t being followed yet. Though she had a feeling the hunting party that wouldn’t be the human security teams that were kept in the underground bunkers.

They’ll send the best to get me, I know too much and am far too important for them to let free too long. She was nearing the café and glanced at her watch, ten minutes until she really had to worry about being caught again. Enough time to make the drop and start for the B.S.A.A. offices. With luck she’d manage to get to the doors, her contact had told her to try to drop the drive in the bush near the door.

The Scotland Yard officer would do the pick-up in the café; she just had to do the drop with the barista. Sherry calmed herself as she walked to the counter. Her contact saw her first and touched her shoulder as she waited.

“Change of plans Birkin, hand me the files.” She nodded slipping him the flash drive. “Careful of the men in the corner, they’ve been here all morning.”

Sherry glanced to the corner he was talking about. Two of the humans that she knew worked directly under Wesker. “Both are agents.” She whispered back glad she had hidden the drop, by picking up some napkins.

“Go, my men have the place surrounded, we’ll give you as much time as we can, but you have to disappear.”

“Thank you Detective.” She grabbed her coffee paying for it and slipped towards the door. One of the men shouted as he tripped, she didn’t risk looking back, there was no time she’d have to trust the situation was handled.

Let the humans deal with them. I’ll have worse to deal with if the Hunters come. She thought standing outside the door of the café for a moment scanning the area, blue eyes shifted more catlike, more silver under the purple tinted glasses she wore, her sense of smell increasing as she scanned the crowds around her. All she could smell was decaying flesh, the scent of uninfected humans, a cruel reminder that she wasn’t human anymore.

A scent hit her from the north; it only took Sherry a moment to realize who it belonged to. Cloves and chemical fire, it had to be Steve Burnside. The chemical fire was the Veronica virus that was raging through him. Shit he found me too easily. Means Wesker’s in on this hunt, probably the others as well.

Spurred into motion Sherry glanced around for an exit. While she knew that, she’d be careful about not spilling blood Steve sometimes forgot about such things. As far as they could figure, it was part of the problem with his virus. When he was letting the virus control, him instead of the other way around Sherry knew it was best to stay out of his way. Blond hair and blue eyes seemed to set it off. She tossed the cup into the garbage as she passed, running south, hoping to get out of Piccadilly and an emptier side street before the red headed B.O.W. caught up with her.

This is going to suck. She thought as she caught the scent of Sakura and sandalwood, the scents of two of the hunter B.O.W.s that Wesker usually had work with Steve. The twins, Ryu and Kirin, were from the Japanese branch, their mother had willingly allowed herself to get infected with a virus while she was pregnant. The result were the twins who could control others. Ryu could control B.O.W. human type and animal alike, while his brother Kirin, could control the uninfected humans. All they needed was to get drops of their blood into any victim. Sherry knew what it was like to be controlled and hated the feeling.

On the upside, Ryu needed eye to eye contact with her, she was pretty sure she could avoid that.

The blond knew she wouldn’t be able to make the last drop though, there was no way she’d be able to double back with three of them hunting her. With the trio there was a possibility of Wesker being there too.

“Freeze!” The voice caused her to stop. Chemical fire, looking up she saw it was Steve aiming his gun directly at her.

“Wrong country dumbass,” She glared as she did the one thing she could think of. Sherry charged forward, grateful for the rain, true what she was planning would probably ruin her boots, but if it worked she’d be able to avoid one of them. Dropping she caused him to miss his shot.

“Damn it Birkin.” Steve saw what she was doing, sliding on the wet street towards him he jumped out of the way before she could swing out.

Sherry turned the slide into a roll, continuing once she was on her feet to head for a main street. If she could lose him in the traffic she might break through them. Jill needs help this’ll get me into trouble, but if it gets her help… She rolled over the hood of a beetle as it stopped at a light, dropping to the other side, and darting across the street before a truck rolled past.

Knowing Steve had been dressed as a cop meant that Wesker Kirin and Ryu probably would be too. Her eyes kept flitting about as she ran. There were places to hide; Sherry had always been an expert at finding them. That was how she survived Raccoon City all those years ago; the self-taught lesson had kept her alive this long at least.

A group of people moved into her way. The blank looks made her stop in her tracks.

“You come peacefully Birkin and we will forgive this transgression. You won’t be punished as badly as if you fight.” All ten people spoke at once, making her frown.

“And if I don’t? You wouldn’t dare kill this many. It would draw too much attention to what’s going on here. Our master wouldn’t like that much now would he?”

“Actually, I insist on it if it’s to get you back in control Sherry.” The voice was behind her this time, and Wesker’s. Sherry tensed; she hadn’t even felt him moving up behind her. The enhanced senses she gained from the conditions she had been infected in were failing her.

Turning she looked into the Hell fire cat like eyes of Wesker’s, her own shifting to a slivered version. She reached into her pocket crushing the flash drive hidden there, that way even if she was taken the information she stole wouldn’t be used to get her contacts into trouble. Her free hand reached for the gun tucked at the small of her back.

Wesker moved grabbing her wrist before she could draw the gun. “I do have to give you credit Sherry, I never thought that you would be the one to betray us. Should have figured it though, after all your father did the same thing by holding out as long as he did. I should have just destroyed you back at Kennedy’s.” He noticed she didn’t tense up when he pulled her closer. “The fight’s out of you already?”

“Why bother? I know that it would only benefit letting Steve hunt. And where Ryu is, Kirin’s not far, I’d get twenty yards before he’d take control.” She wouldn’t mention the drives, still hoping that they were in play.

She felt him slip cuffs over her wrists tightening them so that they cut into her flesh. By this time Steve had actually caught up, out of breath. Wesker growled at him.

“Sorry, I lost her when she darted past the truck.” He frowned yelping as she was shoved his direction. Taking a step, he caught her before she stumbled. Sherry didn’t say anything as he slid his arm around her.

“Where are the twins?”

“Went back, Mikhail and Marina were having a problem with the other project and needed their assistance. Seems Valentine is a bit stronger than we expected.”

“Then tell the doctor to use any means necessary to subdue her, and put Birkin in one of the pods. I’ll be taking her to Africa as well.


She stirred, straps tight around her holding her still. Sherry struggled trying to slip free. The bindings only tightened. It was then when she heard the screaming from the hall, a feral wordless rage. There was a child yelling for someone to stop.

“Mikhail,” Sherry tugged more at the bindings, the child was barely nine and it was her fault he was infected. The other voice had to belong to Jill. “Wesker! Stop this! Jill was a teammate doesn’t that mean anything to you?” She fell still against the platform unable to see further than a few feet in front and to the sides. The straps were familiar though, and she saw that she had been put in the armor that Wesker had her train in, the harsh dark almost black green material made her already pale skin deathly white. The cut-outs at her ribs and arms exposed tubes sticking out.

There was yelling from the hall, they had subdued Valentine, Someone was yelling for a medic for Mikhail. Sherry thrashed against the straps again. They didn’t budge at all.

The doors opened and Jill was between Ryu and Kirrin. “Jill!” Sherry still hadn’t gotten a response from Wesker, the twins moved her to one of the other tables. The glazed look in her face told Sherry one of them was controlling her.

“Ryu-kun, Kirrin-kun…”

The brothers glared at her. Ryu nodded and Kirrin spoke. “It’s because of you Birkin, If you hadn’t run off, Mikhail and Marina would not have been dealing with the project alone. You know both are unable to handle even Cerberus type.”

Ryu moved closer, his fingers trailing against Sherry’s cheek. She was unable to move her head away. “Master feels time in isolation may remind you of your mistake. Have fun in Africa Birkin-chan.” He leaned in forcing a kiss. Sherry tried to fight him, but felt him pressing against her, keeping her unable to move.

Fear flashed in her eyes as he released her from his control laughing at the look. The table she was on tilted up. Sherry realized for the first time where she was. She had seen others put into pods.

She could hear the enclosures moving for both her and Jill’s pods and fought again to try to get free. Jill, please, fight them as long as you can. Please… Chris will find you. She struggled as the glass moved up to her neck.

Jill stayed silent, though Sherry could hear her struggle when the tank started filling. The laughter from Gionne just reminded Sherry of how much she hated the plastic woman. Once she was let out Sherry swore that she’d snap her neck, she didn’t care if Wesker needed her.

That was the last conscious thought Sherry had as the drug filled nutrient feed filled the tank completely.
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