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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, OC's Mikhail, Marina
Disclaimer: I only own the OC's the rest of the characters are Capcom's I'm just borrowing them for a little fun.
Summary: Sherry's been playing a dangerous game and has finally gotten herself caught. Now she just hopes someone on the outside can get her and Jill out before it's too late.
Pairing: Eventually Chris and Sherry, Leon and Claire
Word count: 1073

Post Kijuku

Jill Valentine scowled as a lock of now blond hair fell into her eyes. It was still something she was trying to get used to, so far there had been no real way to undo the changes; that had been caused by Wesker’s experiments on her. Though her hair was the least of her concerns as she looked over the information with one of B.S.A.A.’s techs, shifting through the information they could get into on Tricell’s systems. It was the only thing that Rebecca Chambers was allow her to do for the time being. Jill loved the kid like a sister, but sometimes, like when she went into full doctor mode she could get a little over protective over Jill and Chris.

“Still nothing Valentine?” The tech leaned back stretching. Mike was good with systems but it was clear he was getting frustrated at this one too.

“Nada, hey, need more caffeine?” She stood to stretch and glanced at his screen. “Wait, hold up, back a page.”

Mike did as she asked watching as she scanned the screen. “That file.”

The file in question had a name on it, ‘Birkin, Sherry’. “Okay, that’s not an African name.” He opened the file and started reading. “Wait… isn’t that the one that caused the trouble in Hartfield? And Raccoon…”

“It was rumored she had been in contact with it…” She skimmed ahead. “Shit, she was brought here when I was.” Jill tapped the earpiece she wore. “Chris, where are you right now?”

Chris Redfield was actually elbow deep in the engine of one of the jeeps trying to help Josh fix a few hoses. Hearing Jill he jerked up, smacking the back of his head. “Ow…”


“I’m here, helping Josh what’s up Jill?”

“I found her. Birkin, she was brought here with me. According to the files she’s still in the storage room where you fought that spider. Chris, if the file’s right we have to get her out of there.”

Chris stayed silent a moment. “Are you sure it’s Birkin? Last we heard she was at Yale. What the hell is she doing here in Africa?” Chris was already trying to think of how to break it to Leon and Claire if it was the worst case scenario.

Jill was looking at the screen, the blond girl with her hair dreadlocked, was strapped into a tank, her eyes closed. She was dressed in the same armor like outfit that Jill had been wearing when Chris and Sheva had freed her from the mind control, only this outfit had cut outs in the sides and arms where tubes went into devices on the sides. Jill remembered the woman being at her bedside when she was still healing from the fall.


“It’s her. Chris, please she tried to help me. I can’t leave her here and really doubt Beck’ll let me go look.”

“I’ll go, it’ll take me an hour to get there. Jill, get all the information you can for me, and call Leon. We’ll let him tell Claire.”

“Chris according to the file, she’s almost got the same cocktail as Wesker did.” This was Mike who spoke up. “You shouldn’t go alone; they were doing some sort of mind control on her too. What if she’s as bad as he was?”

“We break her free from it if she can’t do it herself.” Jill said softly. “If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have been able to fight the control as much as I did.”

“Jill, it’s your call should I bring someone with me?” Chris was listening as he finished up with the jeep.

Jill was silent a moment, her eyes closed as she tried to remember what had happened when they had been moved. “Small group may be best, no one in lab coats. They had us in a lab before; it might trigger her to fight like seeing you had triggered me. Jill glanced up at the screen again.

Mike had found a video and clicked it on.

The screen was black at first, but then showed the girl strapped to a table. Two other tables were connected to hers; tubes from her arm went to a small boy, about nine who was bound to another table.

The last one was empty for a moment before Wesker himself came into view. He was holding his side even at the angle of the camera it was clear he shouldn’t be walking.

“You know Master this is really crude even for a makeshift lab, are you sure you don’t want us to wake up Sherry so that we can do this properly?” The voice was a woman’s young, Jill guessed older teen to early twenties as she stepped into the view of the camera.

“It’s the best we can do under the circumstance. Are you sure that this will work Marina?”

“It should. You know she’s going to be pissed that you’re filtering through the boy right?”

Sherry’s eyes opened, she was glaring as the woman moved closer to her. “Marina what the hell! Let me out of this.”

“Sherry, don’t be so dramatic. Need you to help me. I’m unstable no thanks to that bitch Valentine.”

Jill scowled. “It must have been after we fell,” She whispered watching the rest of the video which included the trio straining against the bindings as the woman, a raven haired girl, watched, her hand taking the small child’s. “Mike turn it off.” She bit her lip. “Chris, She healed Wesker. I don’t know how, but they did some sort of blood transfusion and Wesker healed.”

“No doctors to help me get her out of there then. Jill, who else is in that room with you?”

“Just Mike. We’ll forward it to Chambers and keep it from her security detail, last thing we need is Military to find out.”

“Call Leon too, if he’s in DC it should take about eighteen hours to get here. If Sherry can walk I’ll walk her out of there taking time so she can recover her strength if I feel she’s trust worthy.”

“Chris, don’t cage her. Please both of us have been prisoners by them, and tested on. She might not trust us, I’d rather try to earn that.”

“We will, it’ll take time, but I’ll make sure both of you are free from them okay.”

“I’ll make the call to Kennedy. Chris, be careful.”


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