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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, OC's Mikhail, Marina
Disclaimer: I only own the OC's the rest of the characters are Capcom's I'm just borrowing them for a little fun.
Summary: Sherry's been playing a dangerous game and has finally gotten herself caught. Now she just hopes someone on the outside can get her and Jill out before it's too late.
Pairing: Eventually Chris and Sherry, Leon and Claire
Word count: 3648

Chapter One

Chris Redfield paused a moment before he dropped down to the next level. Most of the pods on this floor had been destroyed, or were just empty. Checking the GPS again he saw that he was still a good hundred yards from where it was estimated where the tank holding the girl was. “Jill you sure this is the right level?”

“Positive,” Jill’s voice came over the radio. Chris could hear Josh and Sheva both in the background preparing to go after him at a moment’s notice.

“Sheva, would you Jill and Josh just stay put, it’s not like you really have to worry I can handle a kid you know.” He shook his head working his way around the room. There, near the turret station. He thought spotting the pod. Scrambling to it he glanced inside a moment.

The system that was supposed to keep the body inside alive was still working, though it was clear the system was starting to fail. Chris frowned, last thing they needed was to find her and lose her. “Shit, Jill, tell Becky she may have a patient sooner than that eighteen hour mark. Get the chopper on standby, there’s no way I’m going to try to get her to the jeep if this fails before I can get her out of here.”

“Redfield, you should wait for the medical team anyway.” Becky cut in with a scowl. “We’re an hour behind you.”

“The tank’ll fail by then. If I need you I’ll get you.” He looked at the tank again. The passwords they had been able to figure out had worked for the most part on the tanks. He knew that if Wesker was keeping her alive there had to be a reason. “Jill, anything you can remember for a password that he might have on this thing?”

“Try the address for the STARS office.” She responded after a moment. “He kept mentioning it when he thought I was fully under control.”

Chris looked at the flickering panel before him. If that didn’t work he’d try Rebecca’s birth date. Wt wasn’t a surprise that Wesker had used it a few times since Raccoon’s destruction. Typing in the address the panel went red for a moment and there was a muffled scream from within the tank, hitting it, the panel went green again and her head fell forward.

“Fuck, come on… show signs that you’re still alive kid. Leon and Claire would kill me if I killed you.” He whispered softly, just under what the radio could pick up.

As if hearing his words her head lifted up, catlike blue eyes looked panicked a moment and she struggled against the bindings holding her.

Chris tried the other password he knew and the tank opened, allowing the liquid around her to rush out. The clamps holding her stayed fast. Chris scowled. “Come on, make it easy on me will ya.”

The straps released and she fell against the pod door. Chris grabbed her arm as the pod opened all the way, throwing himself against the catwalk he was on, managing to pull her with him so she didn’t fall.

”All this work to make sure you had a future Sherry and you spit it back in my face? I should have just killed you instead.” The footsteps that she heard behind her were perfectly measured. She knew as well as he did why he didn’t kill her. After all she was the only one who had been infected with the G that hadn’t lost control over the unstable virus.

Sherry stayed still thinking about the reason she fought Wesker at every turn. Leon will figure it out and find me. Or Claire will ask her brother to look for me. She looked up at him. “I’m not a puppet, I’ve fought you every step of the way and will continue to do so. You already know I’m too precious to the Organization just because I fucking survived the G.”

Wesker’s strike caused her to turn her head actually spitting out a tooth. The low growl that filled her was only a small reminder that she could fight back, as long as she fought him there was a chance she’d be able to escape.

Her eyes opened as something felt off, there was another presence there. Blue eyes couldn’t focus, panic filled her and she tugged at the restraints, they were too tight, especially the one over her ribs. She couldn’t breathe, liquid was around her and she was drowning.

No! Have to fight, can’t let him win. Not like this. She screamed in her mind. There were other voices joining in her scream making her bite back a whimper as they got too loud for her to handle.

She felt herself falling, something wrapped around her and she struggled opening her mouth to scream at them to let her go… only she couldn’t find the air, her body went weak and she felt herself land, partially on something warm. A voice spoke calmly. Sherry felt herself slip into the darkness that enveloped her.

Chris patted her back as she started to cough. She tensed a moment, only to relax soon after. He let her rest a few minutes whispering softly, remembering words he used to tell Claire when she had nightmares, apparently it was working since she didn’t fight him.

“Don’t try to move just yet okay, give yourself time.” She nodded at the words, it was a voice she struggled to remember. One she only heard on the radio.

“Redfield… Wesker finally got you to his side?” She didn’t move, though felt him tense under her. She tried to focus on moving, her body wasn’t up for it yet. The blond scowled inwardly, at this rate she’d be back in the lab strapped on a table unable to do anything about it.

“No, and he won’t hurt you again. He’s dead. Jill was the one to remember you were here.” He stayed still watching her. Sherry managed to weakly sit up after a few tries. He steadied her so she wouldn’t fall. “Sherry Birkin right?” He had to make sure she knew who she was.

She gave a small nod. “Jill, is she okay?” That made her sit up a little more, Chris kept his hands on her shoulders to steady her. Sherry placed her hands on his arms, debating shoving him back, but stopping herself. The voices were back in the back of her mind, all of them telling her to run, that she had to escape.

“She’s fine, and worried about you Sherry.” Chris moved a hand up, removing his earpiece. “Jill, she’s up, think you can talk to her a moment?”

He handed it to the girl who looked at him, then understanding what he wanted put it near her ear. “Jill? Jill you’re okay right? He couldn’t do the experiment, you’re still you?”

There was a sound of relief from the other side. “It failed. Chris was able to free me. Sherry, do you need us to send a medical team to help you out of there?” The words were cautious, testing her reaction.

“No,” She fell silent a moment. “Please, I want to try to walk out on my own two feet. I don’t trust doctors right now. I don’t want to be experimented on again… No more tests, please, I don’t think I could handle being locked in a lab again.” She couldn’t fight it, she was trembling, pulling her legs to her chest. Her arms wrapped around herself as she closed her eyes.

Just run, they’ll take you back to Wesker… It’s all a trick, they’re going to hand you over to him you have to run! Sherry bit her lip covering her ears with her hands a moment. Chris moved to hold her again and she pressed one ear to his chest. She could hear his heartbeat, she could also feel the warmth of his body. The whispering was back, calming words, he was trying to help her again.

There were a few minutes before Jill spoke again, as if hearing Chris. “I understand. When you’re here we’ll introduce you to Rebecca okay? I know she’s a doctor, but she’s one of us. You remember S.T.A.R.S. right?”

Sherry had to think a moment, push past the voices to focus. She remembered them, barely. They had come to the school with Wesker, doing some ID thing with the school. Wesker had managed to make sure she didn’t participate in it. Her fingerprints were the only ones in Raccoon that hadn’t been on record.

That wasn’t the only thing she remembered though.

“Wesker headed the Raccoon Branch… He… He had them slaughtered, four survivors; you, Christopher Redfield, Barry Barton, and Rebecca Chambers. I was to stay away from you as much as possible he thought that you would taint me… twist me away from plans that were set in motion, something Mom and Dad wanted of me.” She bit her lip trembling a little. “I fought him… I tried to fight, I didn’t want to be a part of it. Not when they threatened to kill Leon and Claire.” She knew her voice must have sounded like the frightened little girl that Claire and Leon had found in Raccoon, but at the moment she didn’t care.

Chris growled low at the words the girl spoke. He wondered exactly what they had put her through; he knew he would have to let her tell him, forcing it with how she was acting would only make him seem as bad as Wesker had been. He knew he needed her to trust him.

“Sherry, it’s okay, you’re safe now. Let Chris help you okay? We’ll make sure you and Claire are safe. Leon will make sure she’s safe.” There was Jill trying to help. He wished he had brought her with him, she seemed better at this.

“I can trust Chris?”

“With your life,” Jill’s voice was positive; there wasn’t a hint of hesitation in her words. That made Chris give a hint of a smile. After everything that had happened, she still trusted him that much.

Sherry looked at Chris. “Jill still trusts you, and until the Devil’s out of my system I don’t have my full strength. I’ll trust your judgment for now, as well as Valentine’s.” She handed the ear bud back to him. “But if I don’t feel comfortable when I’m better I want to be able to leave.” Frightened eyes looked into his.

“We’re not going to keep you prisoner okay? You’ll be free to come and go as you please.” He smiled a little more hoping to set her at ease. “Well at least once we’re out of here. Until then do you think you could handle following my suggestions?”

Sherry noted his hand moved to offer aid instead of holding her up. She watched it a moment before taking his hand. “Okay help me up, I want to try to get as far as I can before I start slowing you down.” She nodded again at his terms. “I’ll try my best, though to be honest; part of me really wants to just run now.” Okay that’s more like a ton of voices in my head want me to run… Only time I hear voices is if they… She shook her head, she wouldn’t even start to think about that. If Wesker had been experimenting here with the G, she knew it would only mean trouble.

“Don’t worry about that okay?” He shifted getting up. Sherry let him help her stand, stumbling into him when she felt dizzy. “Hey, easy okay, lean on me for now, I’ll take it slow, if you need to rest we’ll stop.”

Sherry gave a small nod. The voices had started to die down since she had woken; she took the chance of their silence to look around. A majority of the storage pods were damaged, too bad to repair. “Wesker. Or you?” It was an innocent enough question, and helped to push the voices back more.

“Gionne’s pet attacked my partner and I. I’m sorry we couldn’t get the machine to work to get you,” he gripped her hand tightly in his in what he hoped was a friendly gesture. She squeezed his hand back. Chris could feel how cold it was, slowly starting to warm, but it was clear it would take her a while yet.

“No, this is okay; I think this may be better than what I was expecting. They would have brought me to the platform and started experiments before I even fully woke. I woke so many times in the tank.” She fell silent after a moment. Had she said too much, she wasn’t sure how to tell him about the voices she was hearing. Last thing she wanted was for anyone to think she was going insane. They’d put her in a hospital for sure, and that was the last place Sherry wanted to be. Wesker and his men would be able to find her too easily if she was trapped in one place.

“You weren’t asleep the whole time?” That caused Chris to stop in his tracks. Had Jill been awake some of the time too? Just what had the two been a part of? He felt her bump into his back and heard a muttered apology.

She shook her head. “Something was wrong with the pod I was in wasn’t there? Before you pulled me out; I kept… I could hear screams, I thought they were in my dream, so many of them…” She wasn’t looking at him. “Always in the background, whenever Wesker was questioning me there was screaming. I thought it was part of whatever they were trying to program me with… Trying to break me down so I’d stop fighting it.”

That made Chris frown. She shouldn’t have had to live through that. “Sherry, it’s okay, it won’t happen again alright? We’ll get you the help you need to get past this.” He knew that the medical team and Jill was listening to the still active com. Chris pulled her closer when he noticed her eyes rolling back. She managed to stay on her feet, though he pressed against the wall a moment shifting to pick her up. “Okay, might want to get the medical team to meet us half way Beck, she’s passed out, as far as I can tell might be shock.”

“Shit, you have a small kit with you right?” Becky’s worried voice came over the wire. Chris could hear scrambling; she was getting her gear together.

“Yes, I’m getting to a place I can set her down. Give me a few minutes; though really if you come for us, warn me with how many people are with you.” Chris made it to one of the security stations, moving her carefully into it he climbed the wall after her. “I don’t want her freaking out, you heard what she just said right?”

“I heard. Chris, we don’t have a shrink with us, if they were messing with her head, we have no way to break whatever they did to her before we take her back to the States.”

“Then we won’t. Right now she and Jill both need one, but I’d rather wait until we had somewhere they could escape from everyone if they need it.” He knew Jill could hear him; they had talked about going to his family land out in Pennsylvania a few times. The place was an hour from a nearest town, a city of any decent size was another hour and a half, but Jill had liked the idea, mostly because it was away from everything it would give her time to collect her thoughts.

“Chris, you sure about this?” It was Jill.

“Claire would be okay with it. After all, she and the kid made it through hell, she’d beg us to help her.” Chris made it to the security station and carefully moved Sherry so that he could get her over the wall and to the platform.

Sherry didn’t open her eyes, though when she heard Chris drop to the floor with her she scrambled back holding her head in her hands. “No… Stop please, stop screaming I can’t help you!”

Chris stayed back a moment listening to her. “Sherry, it’s me. Miss Birkin, come on.” He moved closer and she flinched when he reached out for her. Chris pulled back and gave her a moment, she sank to the platform her palms on the grate, fingers reaching through it twisting the metal. Chris kept back.

“Chris,” She didn’t look up for a few moments. “They’re still screaming… It’s so loud now.” She curled up again and he moved closer wrapping his arms around her carefully.

“We’re trying to get them all out. Sherry, can you hear them clearly?” He was worried, he knew Wesker had enhanced abilities, had Sherry gained some with her infection?

“Only those who are infected with the G… So many voices. What was he doing…” She shook her head. “The testing… He was trying to make another like me… One that would be more manageable, me being infected in the field made it so that I’m not controllable. I’m a useless weapon.” She bit her lip a little.

“He won’t hurt you again.” Despite any thoughts she’d be like Wesker, the frail looking child… No, he had to correct himself she was a woman now, still frail, but there was no mistake she wasn’t a little girl anymore/ which only helped with his need to protect her. If it had been another job with some random person he had to rescue he doubted he’d feel as protective over her, but this was Sherry, someone that Claire knew. He’d keep the promise to her. “Wesker’s dead, it’s over. I promise, even if he survived, he’ll be destroyed before he touches you again.”

Sherry gave a nod after a few minutes. Chris stayed kneeling with her so she could rest. “I’m sorry I’m weak right now.”

“Sh…” He patted her back. “Sherry, you’ve just gone through something I don’t think I could have ever survived, and you’re still here. I know I’m not Kennedy, but I’ll protect you okay? We’ll get you back on your feet,” He made her look up at him. “Jill said you could trust me okay? I promise we won’t let anyone take you into another lab unless you want to. And one of us will be with you there.”

She nodded. “Are they coming to get us?”

“Rebecca is, she might have some soldiers with her, but I’ll stay with you okay? It’s only because you blacked out on me. I’d rather not risk you falling and hurting yourself.”

“So you don’t have a problem if I fall back asleep?”

“Nah, you need the rest.” He handed her his canteen again. She held it in both hands a moment before opening it to take a drink. He shifted a little so that he could lift his gun if needed, but leaned against the wall letting her lean against him. From his position he could see if anyone was coming from the pod chamber, or the door a little too their left, which he suspected Becky and her crew would come from.

Sherry didn’t fade back off, she just sat there holding the canteen. Chris tapped the earwig again. “Beck, you’re coming through the building right?”

“Yes with three military and two other doctors why?”

“Meet us halfway. Kid’s restless, figure getting her out of this room will help with that. The rate we’re going alone we should be there about an hour, maybe two.”

“If she collapses again you’re stopping. We don’t know how badly damaged she is yet.”

“I’m just weak; they wouldn’t put me in one of those unless I was in good health.” Sherry retorted. “But I think I can walk for a while, I’ll try not to slow you down.”

“If we need to slow down we’ll slow down, last thing we need is for you to be too tired. Knowing Becky when we catch up with her you’ll be carried okay?” He watched her, something was wrong. “Headache?”

Sherry shook her head. “Scent of gun oil, faint so I know it’s not your gun.” She looked up. “Your people wouldn’t be carrying C4 would they?”

Chris looked up. “You sure?”

“Western direction, coming closer, we’re upwind from them.”

“Becky, hold up, Sherry says there’s a team coming from the western side of the complex. Get your team to back off, and get us some extra guns here just in case.”

“Chris what’s going on?” It was Jill speaking.

“Nothing yet, though would like the backup instead of medics, no offense Chambers.” Sherry pulled away from him going to a door with a keypad. “Sher?”

“Weapons locker, if we’re lucky my gear’s in here. They would have assumed I would be ready to fight when I was pulled out.” Chris nodded. Sherry scowled unable to get the code. “They changed it on me. Guess Wesker had other plans for me. Means I don’t have my Samurai edge. Sucks I really liked that gun.”

Chris chuckled knowing the feeling. “Maybe when you’re stronger we can get you a new gun okay? Until then let us protect you.”

She nodded letting him take her hand again. Chris kept her close as they walked, moving her in front of him knowing they were keeping whomever else was down in the compound with them at his back. She lead the way, closing her eyes a moment trying to remember the compound. “This way, Wesker had a safe room in case of an outbreak. I need some rest.”

Chris nodded. “Okay, come on.”


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