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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, OC's Mikhail, Marina
Disclaimer: I only own the OC's the rest of the characters are Capcom's I'm just borrowing them for a little fun.
Summary: Sherry's been playing a dangerous game and has finally gotten herself caught. Now she just hopes someone on the outside can get her and Jill out before it's too late.
Pairing: Eventually Chris and Sherry, Leon and Claire
Word count: 985

Chapter two

It had been two hours since the medical team had returned and a squad had been sent to get Chris and Sherry. Jill figured enough waiting and followed them; of course she had switched off her com because of Rebecca’s ranting, and threatening to send more soldiers to drag her back. She was pretty sure that Sheva could handle that situation. Chris’s new partner seemed a little more people friendly than she and Chris were.

“Valentine, you’ll need these if you go after him.” Sheva held up a set of keys and a bag that she had stuck extra clips for Jill’s guns in. “Figured someone should stay here to make it at least look like we’re trying to follow protocol;” She grinned a little. “Besides, I do not think the woman would want someone who did not make it out of that city there.”

Jill took the bag looking at the gear gathered. “Sheva how’d you know what to get? It’s not like I have all my gear.”

“I grabbed what I would use, figuring you would be close with your favorites. Tossed in a few extra boxes of magnum rounds for Chris.”

Jill shouldered the bag catching the keys as they were tossed to her. In the back of her mind she could hear the old her screaming that this was a bad idea.

Oh shut up Jill, you’ll talk yourself out of this. She clutched the keys tightly a moment before running for the jeeps. If she could get to Chris and Sherry first she’d be able to help Chris make sure the kid got out of there. She’s the first priority. She was with them long enough to learn what was going on. Jill knew that Chris would probably make a deal with the kid to make her feel safe. Last thing they needed was for her to run back to whomever put her in the pod, or worse yet the media speaking against them. The world would eat up anything she said, after all she had been thirteen when she had escaped Raccoon.

“She’s my property as much as you are.” That was one voice that caused her to stop right before she got to one of the jeeps. “Both of you will end up back on my side.”

“Shut up Wesker. You’re dead.” She whispered to herself. Closing her eyes she tightened her grip on the keys feeling them dig into her hand reminding her the task she was working on.

Right now Chris’s farmhouse is sounding better and better, at least a few weeks while we figure out what Sherry and I will do from here on out. She pulled herself into the jeep and sped off.

Two people noticed Jill leaving, Sheva, who was buying her time, and the other was a young Japanese-American soldier, who had been watching the two like a hawk. His hand reached up to the earpiece he wore. “Squad one, come in, repeat Puppet master calling squad one.”

“Dragon here what’s is it?”

“Sentry heading towards Unicorn and Knight, I will handle the base camp.”

“We’ll be careful brother, I just need to get close enough to Unicorn to make the link we’ll have them both before Sentry can get to us.”

“You better be careful. You still have Knight to deal with.”

Another voice came on the radio. “Knight’s mine. We have old business to deal with. And this time it’ll be him left in the cold.”

Both the voices didn’t want to correct their companion, after all it would be a little hard to leave his quarry in the cold when even at night they were sweating.

Jill stayed quiet as she walked through the silent corridors. She had found out that Sherry hadn’t been kidding. There were signs of two three men teams that weren’t a part of their group. She stayed off the com as she walked keeping an eye out for her partner or the other team.

“Birkin’s blood will repair him right? Then why did we wait until the place was crawlin’ with BSAA agents before we retrieved the bitch?” The voice ahead of her was cold. Jill stopped in her tracks listening. They were about a hundred yards ahead of her.

“Boss didn’t want her woken until we had everything in place. The new place should be more than enough to hold her. We don’t want another London incident. Don’t see why they don’t just make her a vegetable. We can’t even use the cop or hippy to keep her in line anymore.” The new voice grumbled. “Come on, by now they’ll have sent someone in. We gotta keep the way clear for the others.”

Wait, her blood? Sherry, they’re really going after her. But why will her blood repair someone? She thought about contacting Chris, but the pair were still too close. She moved her hand switching off her radio while she leaned against the wall.

The footsteps moved away from her and she carefully drew her gun, keeping it aimed down. Glancing around the corner she waited for them to round the corner before following, sticking to the shadows.

“You know BSAA probably already has her by now right? Though the boss did say to bring Redfield as well, two birds with one stone if we play this right?”

That’s what you think. Jill gave a small grin. She knew Chris would keep the girl safe. They’d just have to have some help getting out of there. Moving quickly Jill took out the two men. That would at least buy Sherry and Chris a little more time.

The image of Sherry’s frightened face as she struggled to get free from the pod filtered to her mind and she gripped the gun harder. He’ll get her out of here. No way I’m letting either of them get caught.


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