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Name:Sherry Birkin (resident Evil AU)

.sherry birkin (au)

Sherry Birkin was born to William and Annette Birkin, two of Umbrella's top researchers in 1986. Most of her childhood she was left with sitters or alone if she wasn't in school.

After the incident in Raccoon she was taken back by Wesker to Umbrella. Where in the ten years since the incident she was trained and expermented on, Wesker's own special project, working to try to stabilize the very virus that killed her own father.

She managed to escape Umbrella and since then has been on the run, hiding in plain sight, trying to make up for what she was ordered to do while under Umbrella's control.


The only active verse she's now in happens to be [info]forteset_liber where she's been infected with the G virus since she was attacked in the sewers of the city. She is truely AU from game canon.


Sherry originally was infected with the G virus, which was highly unstable to begin with. She managed to be able to control the virus.

Sherry will recover from almost all injuries, even death as long as her head is not removed from her body. She does use this to her advantage if needed, either to gross people out by throwing her own limbs at them, or to come back from the dead after her enemies leave in order to escape.

She lacks a 'monster' form, only because she keeps constant control over it with a cocktail of drugs.

She even has better control over her viruses than Wesker, the only time that they show is right after death or times where she's under extreme stress, her blue eyes will go violet or even red.

She's known to be able to lift over a ton, though the attempt is only a few seconds and it takes her a few minutes to recover.

Lost limbs will try to return to her, and most of the time will reatach themselves to her body.

Down side to her infections: Humans smell like food, she has to fight the urge to feed, though if the urge gets too bad she will go on special hunts, taking herself out of civilization so that she can take out some wild animal. Sherry refuses to put humans in danger unless there's no possible way to avoid it.

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