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Sherry tugged at the necklace she wore as she passed through the reception hall. Her hair was pulled back, still dread locked, mostly because it looked wrong with the Alexander McQueen suit she wore. If Wesker bitched he bitched.

They were formally meeting the new Umbrella, the scientists were all around, making her nervous, her hand reached to the holster at the small of her back, the pearl handled revolver she favored was in its place, the twenty six year old knew she wouldn’t be able to draw it and actually use it on anyone, but made her feel better knowing she was armed.

Her black stiletto heels clicked on the tile as she moved her hands to her side stepping into the ball room. Forcing a small ‘polite’ look she hoped she’d be able to pass herself off in the role they wanted of her, while managing to send information back to the government about what was going on with the locket she wore. She knew the risks, if something went wrong the bug was probably going to be the first thing found. God please don’t let something go wrong. They’ll kill me. Or at least lock her in the labs again. That was the last thing the G-carrier wanted.

The room was filled with the scent of rotted flesh, most the people around she knew weren’t infected. There was another scent on the air… something floral, and it wasn’t the fresh cut flowers or perfume… She paused, eyes scanning the room, it was something she wasn’t familiar with and it confused her.


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