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Fanfic : Resident Evil
Characters: Sherry Birkin, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Sheva Alomar, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield

Summary: Paintball guns, 6 survivors... need I say more? Mostly from Sherry's POV
Word count: 770
X-posted on [personal profile] bloodandbubble 
She ducked down against the trunk of an oak making sure the hood to her tan colored jacket was up. Unlike her partner Sherry Birkin’s pale blond hair was a dead giveaway for her location if the person ‘hunting’ her, her location, and as much as she thought of Leon as an older brother, Sherry never played any game to lose even if she was going up against him and Claire.

Also helped that the two just clicked, partnering them up made a deadly team, as Leon had found out half hour ago. The two hadn’t said a word but both had hunted him in the woods. Fifteen pellets later and Leon had given up, eight had been clustered on his right shoulder, it had been Sherry’s doing, Wesker having trained her himself on how to use a gun. She had thought it was messy, wouldn’t have been a clean kill, but she hadn’t worded it like that to the Federal agent, or the gunner. No need to let her big brother or her current boyfriend know how really messed up she was from everything that had happened to her since Raccoon. She had a feeling Chris knew already, but he wasn’t saying anything, just like the two of them had acted like the weekend get away was the first time they had met.

Hearing rustling in the grass the paintball gun shifted as she did, flattening her back to the trunk, blue eyes scanning the greenery around her. The paintball missed her shoulder, if just barely. The twenty three year old was already moving taking a few pot shots in the direction the ball had come from. Guess collecting my thoughts can wait. She thought remembering there was a ditch nearby, she had used it for cover to hide from Sheva half hour ago. Running for it she dove, a paint pellet exploding, this one yellow paint, all over her leg, if it had been a bullet she’d be bleeding out. Her mind raced a moment to remember who had yellow paint, Sheva.

Sherry knew even though the American North West wasn’t exactly her prime hunting grounds, Sheva was still a threat, anyone that could use a bow like the BSAA agent and could survive along with the Raccoon survivors was someone that Sherry Birkin knew she didn’t want really gunning for her.

A few explosions in the tree above her caused her to glance up. Blue paint, Chris, looked like he was backing his partner up at least. She checked her ammo, listening, there was movement from above her hollow, a woman’s tread, making far too much noise to be a soldier, meaning it was Claire. Sherry grinned. She took out Leon, may as well get the bonus points for ‘killing’ one team, then she’d deal with Jill, let Chris handle Sheva.

Rolling to her stomach she thought a moment before taking a deep breath and lifting the gun just like Wesker had taught her.

The sharp sting on her back told her that Jill was there too.

“Ow!” Claire’s shout came, Sherry had still managed to get the shot off. ‘Sherry!” Claire was in shock looking at the paint splotch that was a bright neon purple.

“What? I knew Chris wouldn’t take the shot. Any consolation, Jill got me at the same time.” She turned showing off the neon green that was right square in the middle of her back. If they had been using lethal ammo Sherry would have to explain to Claire that she was infected.

“I protect my partner.” Jill’s response hinted a chill. Sherry bit her lip, she knew there was more in the four words that were directed directly at her. I know she knows about me and… could she be mad that Chris started dating me? She didn’t get a chance to ask as Chris and Sheva both came out of the brush, both coated in blue and yellow paint. And both grinning.

“Gun jammed.” Sheva explained. Chris nodded in agreement.

“Looks like you’re the winner this match Valentine.” Sherry said slinging her gun over her shoulder. “Think Leon left us hot water? Because ugh, that last dive I made, right into a mud puddle. And not the kind you use for cleaning pores.”

“If he hasn’t I say we drown him in the lake.” Claire put her arm over Sherry’s shoulder as they both walked down the trail towards the cabins the group were staying at. “You really shot him?”

“It’s a paint ball gun Claire. If it was loaded with lethal ammo, I don’t think I could have shot either of you. It being a game, I knew it would be safe.”
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